We put 2,000,000 pounds of steel 30 feet in the air to save space on our floor. What does that say about the lengths we’ll go to be more efficient?

Our laser automation—one of the only systems of its kind in the country—allows us to double our capacity while reducing the number of times we touch the steel.

Nitrogen cutting—well, it simply offers the cleanest cut you’re ever going to see in steel up to ¼”.

Now that might sound like a fabrication, but we’d love the chance to prove it to you.

If you’re surprised to hear we have tube laser cutting capabilities (because many shops don’t), wait until you see what they can do.

Three, six-axis machines offer any cut and every angle in a single program cycle:

Part Size

  • Max Weight: 2,425 lbs.
  • Max Length: 54’
  • Max Diameter: 16” (round)
  • Max Diameter: 11” x 11” (square)

Wall Thickness

  • 8mm (mild steel)
  • 4mm (stainless steel)
  • 3mm (aluminum)

Shape Capabilities

  • Round, Square, Rectangle, Triangle
  • I & H Beams
  • C-Channel
  • Angle-Iron
  • Custom Shapes


  • One Machine, One Process
  • High Cutting Speeds with Laser Precision
  • Automated Loading/Unloading
  • Small-Batch Manufacturing with Minimum Downtime

Not only do our flat laser cutting systems allow us to offer massive throughput all day, every day, we know right to the minute when your parts will be cut.

Eight, 6,000-watt Mitsubishi lasers:

One, 2,500- watt Mitsubishi fiber laser:

Table Size and Material Thickness

  • 60” x 120” Max Sheet Size
  • 1″ Max Material Thickness

Mitsubishi River System:

1.93 Million Pounds of Steel Stored Vertically

24/7 Material Tracking

  • Full Automation
  • Automatically Inventories Material
  • Unmanned Operation for Extended Periods
  • Run Back-to-Back Jobs with Little or No Supervision
  • Reduces Need for Manual Operators
  • Reduces Time Searching for and Transferring Materials and Products
  • Minimizes Material Damage
  • Lowers Liability Risk

When it comes to sawing, few folks in the Midwest are capable of doing what Weisgram does every day. Even fewer can do it as fast.

Four Marvel Touchtech 60 Bandsaws:

CNC Controlled Sawing

20” x 25” Capacity

60° Mitering, Right and Left

4’ and 8’ Shuttle Lengths

Automated Material Handling

Mill Bundle Capacity