It isn’t a far stretch of the imagination to compare a great weld to a strong client partnership. And at Weisgram Metal Fabrication, we’re pretty passionate about both.

Each of our 60+ AWS- and CWB-certified welders appreciates the art of the craft and possesses a keen understanding of the science, as well. This means they can make a stronger weld in a shorter amount of time, and that generally means a happier customer.

Add in our in-house tooling capabilities and expertly precise robotic welders, and you’ll know why our clients stick with us.

More than 60 professional welders. Countless hours of training and certification. And the ability to custom-weld anything, from the smallest widget on a tractor to the tractor frame itself.

Seventy+ Welding Machines:

AWS- and CWB-Certified Welding Experts


High-Volume Production

Custom Jig and Tooling Capabilities

1-Pound to 5,000-Pound Capacity positioners

Mig and Tig Welding

Ask any welder, and they’ll tell you welding is an art. At Weisgram, it’s also a science—a science of tolerances and exactitude—and that’s exactly what you get from our robotic welders.

Seven Robotic Welding Cells:

Minimal Human Interaction offers Greater Efficiency and Reduced Downtime

Repeatable Processes Ensure More Affordable Products

Performance Capabilities that Exceed the Criteria of Some of Most Demanding Brands

Two 15’ Tall Robots for Large Parts

6,000-Pound Capacity Multi-Axis Positioners

Pulse Welding

Seam Tracking

Touch Sensing