The finish is the first thing you see when you look at a part, and we’ve taken the entire five-stage painting process in house to make sure it looks even better than you imagined.

It’s a big job, and few fabricators are able to take on the massive-scale paint projects we perform every day. Of course, most places don’t have a 6’ x 10’ x 20’ paint system.

Or as big of an obsession with precision.

Part Profile per load bar

  • 20’ Long x 10’ Tall x 6’ Wide Part Window
  • 6,000lb Capacity Power and Free Line
  • Custom Load and Unload Racking System

Manual Blast

  • Steel Grit
  • 30’ Long x 18’ Tall x16’ Wide Part Window
  • Two Hoppers, Supporting Four Blast Hoses for Two Operators
  • Full Reclaim Floor


  • Automated 5-Stage Wash System
  • Henkel Products
  • P-3 Neutracare 5175 Cleaner
  • Bonderite NT1, Phosphate-Free Reactive Conversion Coating
  • All Water Used for the System is RO
  • VFD Pumps for Controlled Pressures
  • Air Knives as Part Exits

Dry-Off Oven

  • 30-Minute Dry Cycle
  • Adjustable Cycle and Temperature
  • VFD Controlled Fans

Powder Booth

  • Nordson Powder Booth
  • 30’ Long x 18’ Tall x16’ Wide Part Window
  • Two Man-Lifts
  • Prodigy Guns
  • Color Change in 30 Minutes or Less

Bake Oven

  • 1 hour bake cycle
  • Adjustable cycle and temperature depending on parts
  • VFD controlled fans


  • Control screen monitors system from line side and office/lab
  • Quick adjustments
  • State of the art design

Powder Paint

  • Color matching capabilities through paint vendor
  • Flexible on vendor preference